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UConn........Notre Dame.........Tennessee..........Stanford

Lousville could be considered for the final #1 seed, considering their higher ranking and that three of their losses were to UConn.


Stanford has a better Strength of Schedule rating even with the bad losses to Washington and the PAC12 Tourney loss

Geography: With both Stanford and Louisville as hosts for Regional Championships, this makes the call even tougher. However, having all four #1 seeds from east of the Mississippi River would look bad in the eyes of the committee when it could be prevented. HOWEVER, this means a #1 Seed would have to play on a lower seeded team's home court for a shot at the Final Four. (Regional are at Louisville, Notre Dame, Stanford and Lincoln, Nebraska where Nebraska is looking like a #3 seed). So UConn could go to Lincoln and end up playing a true away game for the opportunity to advance to the final four while Tennessee could face a #2 seeded Louisville at Louisville while Notre Dame and Stanford stay at home to play the regionals. So even as a #2 seed, Louisville would come out with a clear shot. Stanford would likely host a #1 Seeded Tennessee if they fall to the #2 slot and Louisville moved to the #1 seed. So basically, Tennessee could have a tough route to the FINAL FOUR either way.... playing at Louisville or Stanford as a true away game!

So here is how I see it:

#1 Seeds
UCONN at Lincoln, Nebraska
NOTRE DAME at South Bend, Indiana
TENNESSEE at Louisville, Kentucky
STANFORD at Palo Alto, California

#2 Seeds
Louisville at Louisville
Baylor at Lincoln
Duke at South Bend
South Carolina at Palo Alto

However, the committee will let us know come Monday!
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