Fantasty Baseball League needs a couple of new guys

Fantasty Baseball League needs a couple of new guys

Postby Rebel-Fan-74 » Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:32 am

Couple of things to know..

#1 - We are not "SERIOUS" about this league, do we want to win, YES, but we don't get upset and stretch the rules, do anything to win, we are just having fun with this to keep the interest in the Regular Season at a higher level. Folks are fairly liberal when it comes to trades, for example: I traded a big Yankee fan two players just because I knew he was a Yankee fan. Unless it is a horribly unbalanced trade, it wouldn't get voted down in this league.

#2 - Many of the guys have been doing this league for a LONG TIME, maybe twelve years for a few of us. We also have two that are fairly new to the league. One thing for certain, if you have questions or need some help, you will get it from the guys, even if it is the guy you are playing this week.... he may email you and tell you "Hey, you have Schmuckatelli on your starting line up and he got hurt yesterday and is on the DL".

#3 - We do our best to keep the message boards clean, no cussin and fighting, and that has never been an issue in the past, but just wanted to put it out there so you would know.

#4 - We do this for fun, and we want to make sure you are having fun as well, so if you have questions or not sure about something, post a message and we will reply. The cost is right up your alley as well...... FREE!

Reply here, PM, and I can get you the information, it's on YAHOO.COM in case you were wondering...
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