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Collins out at Colleton County

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:39 am
by chant09
Chris Collins was placed on administrative leave early in the season and we learned his fate last week as he was released as the head football coach and AD at Colleton County. The school district has not posted the job(s) as of yet as Collins is appealing the decision. From what I have been told, some at the district office want the AD and HC jobs separate and others want it combined. It will be interesting to see what happens with this situation as there are plenty of athletes in Colleton County if the right person gets the job and can connect with them.

Re: Collins out at Colleton County

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:52 am
I hated how Colleton County handled this. I am a BIG BEAUFORT EAGLES FAN but I live in Colleton County and pull for the Cougars to do well. I am in favor of having the Athletic Director and Head Coaching Jobs as separate. In Beaufort County schools have to have different people in each role. I like it that way. A Head Coach should not be the Athletic Director. I agree that Colleton County is full of good student athletes. There is only 1 public high school in all of Colleton County so the new coach should have plenty of students to find to play football. I hope that they decide to have both positions separate. I also hope that Colleton County finds a good Football Coach to turn that program around. I wish them the best of luck.


Re: Collins out at Colleton County

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:09 am
by chant09
Colleton County School District posted the jobs today together. Like you BEF, I believe that the positions should be separated due to the control one sport could potentially have over the others. But the higher ups see it differently. It will be very interesting to see who gets the job.