OT Who remembers the blinking mailbox ?

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OT Who remembers the blinking mailbox ?

Postby mikey » Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:41 am

I luved the blinking mailbox for pm's. Anyway could we do something similar here ? Always wondered why they got rid of it on pft after the change a couple years ago. Maybe the software wouldn't support it.
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Re: OT Who remembers the blinking mailbox ?

Postby DeCav » Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:54 pm

What happened I think is that the blinking mailbox was a feature that got added at some point and then when the board rebooted the feature was erased and the default mailbox was in place. This forum that we are using is a special version of the phpbb forum service that doesn't allow any extra features or plugins to be added. I'm certain that it is possible to have a blinking mailbox added to this forum except that the company who runs this service hasn't added something like that.

There is an upgrade coming down the pipeline and the guys who own the forumatic service promise that when the upgrade is available to them that it will allow us to have many more features. I've kind of jumped on board with SF BandDad as far as the forum is concerned and we've talked about other options that are available on down the line. If this service is too limited we can always back up and punt. One option is to actually get our own true website which gives us the option to not only run the forum with all the bells and whistles we want but to have it tied to other custom sites for sports fans. But for now we want to stick with this while it's free.

I would say that you can consider this a beta version.
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