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Rebel-Fan-74 wrote:
Penguin wrote:Reasons it will not happen:
#1 - Risk of injury to players - especially the NFL bound players
#2 - "TOO MUCH TIME AWAY FROM CLASS" - Yeah, I believe this one
#3 - No one has offered them enough money without losing control of the system.

Just to clarify, those are not "my" reasons, it is what I expect they would say....

I don't believe any of it myself....

Oh I understood what you were saying and that those excuses were not yours, but those that would be expected to come from the powers that be. Seems to me that the underlying problem is the corporate involvement, and it's demand for return on it's investment. If you look at the other NCAA championship tournaments, corporate greed is held out of it save for the TV networks.

As for doing away with Bowl games, I agree, a bunch should go away. But again, corporate dollars are involved, and all of those corporate mouths must be fed. How do you tell Poulan that they cannot have their Weedeater Bowl any more? Or Kraft that they cannot have their Fight Hunger Bowl? Seriously, all of that is necessary? It is to the point now where rules have had to be changed to add extra regular season games to get enough teams to the six win plateau required for Bowl eligibility. Then they had to remove the rule requiring a winning record to allow 6-6 teams to qualify. Then they had to allow games won against FCS teams to count. We now have at least 6 Bowl games too many with at least twelve teams too many participating.

But here we are trying to use common sense to solve a common sense problem when the folks in charge have no integrity, no steadfast regulations, no policies that are applied even handed, and precious little common sense.
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Although now I am hearing that Gamecocks to the Outback Bowl is not going to happen but there may be something in the works that would send an SEC EAST team to the Cotton Bowl (Gamecocks) and an SEC WEST team to the Outback Bowl...

That would be a good bowl for the Gamecocks.. Texas or Oklahoma are possible match ups.
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