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Postby Dave Pickren » Wed Aug 24, 2016 12:16 am

I having more issues with the history website this evening.

My code is perfect and works on a local server that I Run here at the house. But on the platform provided by the hoster, it just continually self corrupts and craps out or just loads nothing.

FInally the hoster admitted that I have outgrown the code and the work associated with my work.

The Database is essentially over 20 year old. It is written or housed in ACCESS 2016. It has over 4 million data points and contains closes to 15 table, 150 queries and countless forms.

The main operating program in ASP. NET created in Wer Expression which is no longer supported or sold by M$.

The hoster is recommending a migrate the entire thing o MYSQL and Word press. This seems first impossible and second like a lot of hard work and time consuming.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to host this thing and what programs to use. It is obvious to me now that I have simply ut grwon the current configuration.


Database ACCESS2016
Hosted on line as a MDB file
Secured for content, available thru an ODBC connection

Host is Go Daddy
Go Daddy uses PHP 5.4.45
and ASP 3.50729

Web Expressions 3 is the development platform. It used to be crap and now is just plain old crap.

FTP files remote including database.

Any ideas, any one, Bueller, Anyone.
Dave Pickren
SC HS Football Historian
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